Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I'm so so happy ! As I told you before, this is my favorite music right now. The LP finally arrived : ) At first I was a bit worried - because of all these troubles with the vulcano on Iceland. I hope all the people will come back home safely. . . . ahhh ! but whats with my circle lenses ?! I still hope they'll arrive soon. Today I wrote one of my final exams ~ I'm a bit tired. There is only arts left right now. I think I did a good job. Maybe 8 of 15 points. (haha)

But back to the LP ! This KLEERUP guy is so cool. I really like to go to a concert of him. Unfortunetly he gives only in Sweden and Norway concerts at the moment. Oh - I want to tell you my favorite songs of this LP. I like : 02 - until we bleed (with Lykke Li), 03 - thank you for nothing, 04 - with every heratbeat (with robyn) and 12 - history (with linda sunblad). These are the songs which made me buying the LP. I think I'm going to love even more !

Monday, April 12, 2010


It's me - again

I'm a 19 year old german girl, who will finish school in the next weeks. You can call me YUU because I'm using this name in the world of the Internet. I don't want to tell you everything about me and my life. I've started this BLOG to train my bad English. As you can see - it really sucks ! In the last months I noticed, that every High-Fashion-Chick has a BLOG at Blogspot.com.

When it comes to fashion I like it in a very cute way. I love skirts and flowers. I'm still young - so I live my youth.
You won't find only Fashion-Updates or stupid photographs of a little girl, who took the camera of their parents, here. I'm a human being and have some hobbies. I like to sew clothes and to make costumes. I'm also a Fan of travelling around. In my short live I was able to see the giant buddha in Hong Kong, the great wall in china and the Tour d'Eifel There are so many things left I'd like to see.

So be prepared for snapshoots of my costumes, progress pictures, daily dress ups, shopping updates, some music, if I'll find the time, a bit of my art and potograhs of my journeys to the east.