Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I'm so so happy ! As I told you before, this is my favorite music right now. The LP finally arrived : ) At first I was a bit worried - because of all these troubles with the vulcano on Iceland. I hope all the people will come back home safely. . . . ahhh ! but whats with my circle lenses ?! I still hope they'll arrive soon. Today I wrote one of my final exams ~ I'm a bit tired. There is only arts left right now. I think I did a good job. Maybe 8 of 15 points. (haha)

But back to the LP ! This KLEERUP guy is so cool. I really like to go to a concert of him. Unfortunetly he gives only in Sweden and Norway concerts at the moment. Oh - I want to tell you my favorite songs of this LP. I like : 02 - until we bleed (with Lykke Li), 03 - thank you for nothing, 04 - with every heratbeat (with robyn) and 12 - history (with linda sunblad). These are the songs which made me buying the LP. I think I'm going to love even more !

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