Thursday, May 20, 2010

New LP - The xx

Today my new LP arrived. I like it's design - it's very special. The white X in the middle is a hole and the white paper in it is the booklet. Now I'm listening to it and I must say it's just great ! As I said in the last post I love 10 - Night Time. I also like : 01 - Intro , 03 - Crystalized, 07 - Shelter (tbc.) - By the time I like calm music. I don't know why. I also ordered xxxholic - 09. Holic is one of my all time favorite mangas. I love the characters and the mysterious atmosphere. The only thing I don't like is the parallelism to 'Tsubasa - Reservoir Chronicles'. I don't like it and won't continue reading it. It's just another endless manga. Someday I'll cosplay Amewarashi. Basically I wanted to do it this year ... but no time, no money and other nice costumes I want do do.

I'm still waiting for my Luka Dress ... so tonight I had some strange dreams. I also dreamed about getting the dress. I was so so so so so happy and it fitted so good ! As I woke up I was kinda sad, because I know that it wasn't even sent.... but than I checked my mails and they really sent it today in the early morning ! I'm so glad ! It must have been a sign ! :D
Tomorrow I'll take the train to the Northsea Island Langeoog, where I'll spent my weekend. We will be prepared for our Trip to Japan in July. Well - I think I won't need lots of informations they will give us but I - yes I hope I'll have a nice weekend. ... I'm a bit afraid about the dance and the songs we should learn ... I really cannot sing or dance :(

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The xx :: Night Time

I'm so in love with this song. I had it so long in my favs on Youtube but never felt to buy their LP though they have so many good songs on it. On Monday I'll order it. I can't wait till it arrives. So this will be my LP of the month May.
A few days ago I watched IronMan 2. Nice movie. Lots of action. I like the scenes in Monaco. Today my new fabrics arrived. I'm a bit dissapointed about the babyblue one ... do you know the copic ciao markers ? It's the same colour as the B05 Process Blue. Well, it's a real nice colour but if you want something like Robin's Egg Blue its really really (...) But I'm very content with the dark blue and the white fabric. They are exactly as I expected them to be. Maybe I'll buy some new babyblue fabric in the next days.... my mother promised me, to pay for it. : )

Sunday, May 9, 2010

HH wie Hamburg - R wie Reeperbahn

Nach einigem Hin und Her haben wir gestern dann doch einen schönen Tag in Hamburg verbracht. Die Chisaii war uns zunächst im großen und ganzen "weniger wichtig". Das Ganze ist auch nicht mehr das, was es einmal war. Ich will nichts schlecht reden, aber irgendwie sind wir da rausgewachsen.

Die Highlights des Tages waren deshalb die Reeperbahn, OCS und tja ... vielleicht einfach, dass wir alle zusammen einen schönen Tag hatten. Bei OCS haben Taku und Ich uns die Chance natürlich nicht entgehen lassen und Purikuras gemacht. Es sind zwar nicht die Schönsten, die ich besitze, aber trotzdem echt lustig.

Sonst gibt es zu diesem Tag nicht viel zu sagen. Außer, dass wir sowas öfter machen sollten.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Shopping Update

Today I went shopping with my big brother and three of his friends. We spent a funny day at two big malls in Bremen. I really really didn't want to go shopping.As I said before I went a way to often shopping in the last month. But my mum said : You need to go out ! Take 50€ ! OKAY ? I bought only clothes at Primark and MakeUp. I really found lots of sweet and cheap things. I'm content with the sandals and the dress. Why is the weather so bad at the moment ? I have so many nice clothes now. By the time it rains a lot and it's very cold~ only a bit over 10°C

Yo - and again new sunglasses. I can't push myself to wear them. The necklace is really BLING BLING isn't it ? Ha ~ I love Primark ! The Necklace looks really good to the dress - I'm so looking forward to the warmer days... let the sunshine ! More tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Megurine Luka [ Virgo ] - Progress

Today I started sewing for my Megurine Luka "Virgo" Costume. In the end it will look like "Little Red Riding Hood" with pink hair. Because I had no money for another new wig I looked for a design were I could use the pink wig with the curles. Than I found the "Virgo-Song" at Youtube and felt in love with it and Lukas clothes. It's sooo cute. So here you can see the skirt. I think it looks really good. I'll were the whole costume on Saturday so be prepared for more progress pics in the next days.