Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Megurine Luka [ Virgo ] - Progress

Today I started sewing for my Megurine Luka "Virgo" Costume. In the end it will look like "Little Red Riding Hood" with pink hair. Because I had no money for another new wig I looked for a design were I could use the pink wig with the curles. Than I found the "Virgo-Song" at Youtube and felt in love with it and Lukas clothes. It's sooo cute. So here you can see the skirt. I think it looks really good. I'll were the whole costume on Saturday so be prepared for more progress pics in the next days.


  1. I love the skirt ^^ did you wear a petticoat underneath or is it naturally poofy ^^ ?

  2. Thank you <3
    Yes I wear one |3 but it's not soooo poofy ~

  3. moi that skirt looooks sooo cute *-*

    and it looks very exhausting with all that pins :D

  4. Very cute skirt. I wish I had one like that.