Thursday, May 20, 2010

New LP - The xx

Today my new LP arrived. I like it's design - it's very special. The white X in the middle is a hole and the white paper in it is the booklet. Now I'm listening to it and I must say it's just great ! As I said in the last post I love 10 - Night Time. I also like : 01 - Intro , 03 - Crystalized, 07 - Shelter (tbc.) - By the time I like calm music. I don't know why. I also ordered xxxholic - 09. Holic is one of my all time favorite mangas. I love the characters and the mysterious atmosphere. The only thing I don't like is the parallelism to 'Tsubasa - Reservoir Chronicles'. I don't like it and won't continue reading it. It's just another endless manga. Someday I'll cosplay Amewarashi. Basically I wanted to do it this year ... but no time, no money and other nice costumes I want do do.

I'm still waiting for my Luka Dress ... so tonight I had some strange dreams. I also dreamed about getting the dress. I was so so so so so happy and it fitted so good ! As I woke up I was kinda sad, because I know that it wasn't even sent.... but than I checked my mails and they really sent it today in the early morning ! I'm so glad ! It must have been a sign ! :D
Tomorrow I'll take the train to the Northsea Island Langeoog, where I'll spent my weekend. We will be prepared for our Trip to Japan in July. Well - I think I won't need lots of informations they will give us but I - yes I hope I'll have a nice weekend. ... I'm a bit afraid about the dance and the songs we should learn ... I really cannot sing or dance :(

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  1. i like the design with the white cross :3