Thursday, May 6, 2010

Shopping Update

Today I went shopping with my big brother and three of his friends. We spent a funny day at two big malls in Bremen. I really really didn't want to go shopping.As I said before I went a way to often shopping in the last month. But my mum said : You need to go out ! Take 50€ ! OKAY ? I bought only clothes at Primark and MakeUp. I really found lots of sweet and cheap things. I'm content with the sandals and the dress. Why is the weather so bad at the moment ? I have so many nice clothes now. By the time it rains a lot and it's very cold~ only a bit over 10°C

Yo - and again new sunglasses. I can't push myself to wear them. The necklace is really BLING BLING isn't it ? Ha ~ I love Primark ! The Necklace looks really good to the dress - I'm so looking forward to the warmer days... let the sunshine ! More tomorrow.


  1. Ahh ! dann sind das die, die du auch hast xD ~ Ich war mir erst nicht ganz sicher. Ich hatte ach deine und Mimis Cardigan in der Hand. Da lag doch tatsächlich zwischen den 40ern noch eine 38 rum ! (die ist ja noch tragbar) Am Ende habe ich mich dann aber dch dagegen entschieden, hatte nicht umbedingt was zum Kombinieren |3

  2. Die Sachen sehen echt niedlich aus.

    Ich müsste mal wieder shoppen gehen .__." Wo hast du denn die ganzen vielen Sachen so günstig her?

  3. Primark Waterfront Bremen ;3

    Der Laden, der so mega ramschig und billig aussieht. (was er eigentlich auch ist) Aber dort findet man Schätze !

  4. I love the first shirt and the necklace, they're very lovely.