Thursday, December 2, 2010

Foals Concert - 01.12.2010 Hamburg

Hello everybody Yesterday me and my best friend went to the Foals concert ! ... it was so great ! Though we were a bit dissapointed in the beginning. We lost our places in the third rough because of some rude guys who danced like crazy ... but then we got some nice places were we could dance and see the band without being hit in the face by an elbow.
They played all my favourite songs. I think the best ones were : 'Spanish Sahara', 'Red Socks Plugie', 'Electric Bloom', 'The French Open' and the last song 'Two Steps Twice'. They are realy a great live band ! The Invisible were also okay. In the end they all played 'Two steps Twice' together. After the concert I bought myself the tourposter and the totebag.

-> Two Steps Twice || Red Socks Pugie

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