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Leipzig Bookfair 2011

Good Morning Readers ♥ and I want to start with : YES, we did it ! We finally finished our costumes for Bookfair Leipzig. We had such a great weekend. We arrived on friday and had just a chilly afternoon at the bookfair. Someone asked us to draw something for poor children. The paintings should be sold and the money they'll get should be given to these kids.
Ha Ha - yes VERY chilly ~ (Roya, Mio and Me)
Here you can see the drawings of -Sakimake and Mio (I can't show you mine because it was to ugly...)
On Saturday we could finally wear our new costumes ! I made the White Chess King. I love the design. Its also made by -Sakimake. She is such a great artist. I love her work. This month she will create an deviantart-account. I'll tell you when she's finished. ♥ At the Bookfair we couldn't walk a single meter ! Everybody asked us if they can took a photo of us. We really felt a bit famous... Because of the shoes we needed to sit a lot. At the end of the day our feet hurt s…

New LP - Lykke Li - Wounded Rhymes

Hello everybody ♥... and another week has passed. Currently I'm working on a costume for Leipig Bookfair. I'm very excited but it is really a lot of work. Me and my flatmate will be so awesome ! I can feel it ! On friday I finally got the new Lykke Li LP "Wounded Rhymes". I've waited so long fo this ! And she didn't disappointed me ! This LP is very great. It starts with "youth knows no pain" I think this track shows the new diractionin her music. It's a bit like "get some". 2nd track is her new single "I follow rivers" I'm so in love with this song. I think it will be a song which takes me through this part of my life. I also like "I know places". This song reminds me of her old LP "Youth Novels". It's a very soft and calm song ♬ Track 09 "Jerome" is also a great song. By buying the LP you get the excess to download three new tracks : "the only", "I follow rivers (Dave Sit…

Shooting Feb.11

Hello Readers ! Long time no see ... today it's exactly one month that I posted the last time. This month didn't happen a lot. I went through my exams, had a cold, stayed at my parents home, met my friends and also had this nice shooting. I think the photographer did a great job. I really love his work. Please visit his Website and support this good artist. ♬ click

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