Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Leipzig Bookfair 2011

Good Morning Readers ♥ and I want to start with : YES, we did it ! We finally finished our costumes for Bookfair Leipzig. We had such a great weekend. We arrived on friday and had just a chilly afternoon at the bookfair. Someone asked us to draw something for poor children. The paintings should be sold and the money they'll get should be given to these kids.

Ha Ha - yes VERY chilly ~ (Roya, Mio and Me)

Here you can see the drawings of -Sakimake and Mio (I can't show you mine because it was to ugly...)

On Saturday we could finally wear our new costumes ! I made the White Chess King. I love the design. Its also made by -Sakimake. She is such a great artist. I love her work. This month she will create an deviantart-account. I'll tell you when she's finished. ♥
At the Bookfair we couldn't walk a single meter ! Everybody asked us if they can took a photo of us. We really felt a bit famous... Because of the shoes we needed to sit a lot. At the end of the day our feet hurt so much ...but we were very happy. the positive feedback motivated us to give our best for the upcomig costumes.

On the photos you can see : Roya,Flau, Mio, Mimi and myself. I love the photos ♥

On Sunday I'll wore Sheryl Nome from Macross-Frontier (Diamond Crevasse). The Dress and the Headpiece are so beutiful. I really love this costume. It wasn't much work. I would really like to wear it again for a little shooting on a lake ... maybe when its a bit warmer outside... On the bookfair lots of parents asked me if I can take a picture with their children. They said : Go to the princess and aks her for a photo ... that was so cute ~ ~ ~ ♥

On Sunday we spent lots of time making cranes. The goal was to make 1000 cranes for japan. -Sakimake showed us how to make them. Now I am finally able to make a crane. (tough they are looking really ugly..) At the end we had nearly 4000 cranes ! ! ! It wasreally lots of fun ~

Some Shooting photos :

Photo taken by : Milu

Photo taken by : Milu and -Sakimake

All in all it was a great weekend. I am still waiting for some photos but till now I'm really content with them ♥


  1. I saw your pictures on animexx already and OH MY I really love your costumes! They look fantastic and gorgeous!!!

  2. your cosplays are very cool!

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  4. aww du sahst unglaublich süß & toll aus ♥