Saturday, May 28, 2011

New LP - Lady Gaga - Born this Way

Hello Readers ! Finally I'm also a proud owner of Lady Gagas new longplayer "born this way". I bought this one though I don't like "Judas" and "Born this way" very much ... now I'm listening to it till an hour and I think it was a very good decision to buy this CD. I like "scheiße" ... ha ha It's so funny for german people to sing : "scheiße scheiße be mine - scheiße be mine" Just a great song ! Ha Ha I also like "Marry the Night" and "Goverment Hooker". "Black Jesus Amen Fashion" is also great. The remixes on disc 2 are also very good. The design of the album is also nice - I'm off for listening ♬

Friday, May 27, 2011


Good Evening Readers ! I hope you all spent a nice friday ~ My weekend will be full of recognizing chinese vocabulary ... I have already started today in the early morning. Because I'm such a "hardworking" girl I like to dress up as the perfect student. Ha Ha ~ lets start :

|Cardigan - H&M|Dress - H&M|T-shirt - Primark|Shoes - Primark|Hat - Bodyline|Necklace - Claires|Bag - Primark|

|Cardigan - H&M|Shirt - H&M|Skirt - Mango|Shoes - Deichmann|Bag - Primark|

拜拜 ♥ 安妮

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


大家好! ♥ Yesterday my dear friend Sakimake returned from her trip to Taiwan. She visited our friend Mei. (have a look at her Blog - Taiwan is just a wonderful place) I think both had a great time together. I'm a little bit jelaous because she returned with lots of beautiful cloths. By the time I'm thinking about doing my internship in Taipeh ... but thats future.
Well, because I know about the cheap prices in Taiwan I gave my friend some money to buy some things for me. Thats what she bought :

1. Marie pencilcase. I really really like it ♥

1. Marie notes and a pencil ♥ 2. two of these fluffy hairties - I really love the colour (I already have a white one)

1. Moomin biscuits ! ! ! I love moomin ♥ I always watched it and listened to the cassettes when I was a little girl

1. I asked her to buy a new Dolly Wink Eyeliner - It's the best one I used till now. 2. I love this cute notebook ~

1. She also bought this nice dress for me. It looks very pretty when worn ~ It fits perfectly. I really love this onesize system in asia ~

拜拜 ♥

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dress Up 20-24

Good Morning Readers ! Here are a few of my dress ups from the last days ...gyaru mixed with european chic or somethin' ? I don't know ... it's hard to say I think... btw. I love that curly hairstyle with the braids around the head. I found it in aprils Ageha. (okay there it's only one braid around the head - but my hair is so thin I needed two ...) I didn't change the bag because I went to university these days.

|Jacket - H&M|T-shirt - ebay|Trousers - H&M|Shoes - Esperanza|Scarf - Primark|Necklace - Claires|Bag - Primark|

|Blouse - H&M|T-shirt - NewYorker|Trousers - H&M|Shoes - H&M|Bag - Primark|

|Cardigan - H&M|Dress - Visalia|Shoes - Primark|Necklace - claires|

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Shooting May'11

Good Evening everybody. Yesterday we had wonderful weather and we decided to take some photos of my new costume. Maybe you remember my earlier postings where I posted the design for this costume. klick I also made a kanzashi tutorial klick for the hair and obi accessories. I think the photos turned out pretty good. Thanks goes to Roya who made our awesome "Reflector Girl". There are still some things missing. I have redo some parts and also have to add some lace. Here are some pictures - I hope you like them ♥

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Princess ChooChoo - Notebook

Hello Readers My lovely Princess ChooChoo Notebook arrived today ! These are the first Items I got from Korea ♥ I'm totally content with them. They are so highquality ! A friend of mine ordered a few weeks ago via ebay some princess choo choo goods for her travel to Taiwan. She showed them to us and we directly felt in love with the designs ~ This cat is so adorable ! But please have a look at yourself :

Friday, May 13, 2011

New Circles - Barbie King Candy Brown ♥

Good Evening Readers ♥ 2nd time I'm writing this entry ... only because Blogger turned into "read only modus" yesterday evening. Kinda annoying wasn't it ? So another round - 2 days ago my new circles arrived. I needed some brown ones because I only own some blue and black ones. I really love their size and colour. Sadly I'll wear them only for cosplay because their look is much too unnatural. Their colour is so different from my real one ... nethertheless I like them.

I bought them here : eyecandylens
the colour is : Barbie King Candy Brown

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Shopping-Update May'11

Hello Readers ! ♥ By the time the weather is so great that I just had to by myself a new summer dress and some new shoes. I bought both at H&M. The first time I saw the dress, I thought that it's definetly too long for me, but now wearing it with some nice heels and my strawhat I totally sure that it was the right decision ! Now I hope the weather stays like this ♬
(I didn't made an update for quite a long time ... so I won't post the things I'll bought in the last months - you'll see them in some dress up posts ♥ )

Monday, May 9, 2011

New LP - Little Dragon - Machine Dreams

Good Morning Readers ! ♥ Today I want to talk about my new LP. Finally I was able to buy Little Dragons "new" Album. I really really love it. "Fortune" was one of the first songs I really felt in love with - after some listening I also like track 1 "a new", track 4 "feather", track 5 "thunder love", track 7 "runabout",  track 9 "blinking pigs" and track 10 "come home" ... oh - you see .. nearly all ... ha ha well - but you can only listen to this kind of music when you're in the right mood ... I really like the feeling while listening to "blinking pigs" and "thunder love" ♬ "blinking pigs" gives me lots of positive energy ~ The CD itself isn't very special, the design is great ...but there isn't even a booklet.

• Little Dragon - Fortune •


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Japanese Kanzashi Tutorial

Happy Mothersday ♥ After a very busy week I started working on my new costume. As you could see on the design I had to make some Kanzashi Flowers. I'll use these flowers as hair and obi accessory. I made this tutorial - maybe its a bit usefull. (mine arn't that beautiful yet, but I'll do my best to increase my skills)