Wednesday, May 25, 2011


大家好! ♥ Yesterday my dear friend Sakimake returned from her trip to Taiwan. She visited our friend Mei. (have a look at her Blog - Taiwan is just a wonderful place) I think both had a great time together. I'm a little bit jelaous because she returned with lots of beautiful cloths. By the time I'm thinking about doing my internship in Taipeh ... but thats future.
Well, because I know about the cheap prices in Taiwan I gave my friend some money to buy some things for me. Thats what she bought :

1. Marie pencilcase. I really really like it ♥

1. Marie notes and a pencil ♥ 2. two of these fluffy hairties - I really love the colour (I already have a white one)

1. Moomin biscuits ! ! ! I love moomin ♥ I always watched it and listened to the cassettes when I was a little girl

1. I asked her to buy a new Dolly Wink Eyeliner - It's the best one I used till now. 2. I love this cute notebook ~

1. She also bought this nice dress for me. It looks very pretty when worn ~ It fits perfectly. I really love this onesize system in asia ~

拜拜 ♥


  1. The things are really adorable.
    I love the Marie-Things - Marie is such a cute cat. Also, the dress looks really great!

  2. I never got a dress like that in my life T_T

  3. oooh was für ein schöner post
    wie mich das freut das dir die sachen gefallen
    ich hoffe du hast viel freude damit ♥♥♥