Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dress Up 20-24

Good Morning Readers ! Here are a few of my dress ups from the last days ...gyaru mixed with european chic or somethin' ? I don't know ... it's hard to say I think... btw. I love that curly hairstyle with the braids around the head. I found it in aprils Ageha. (okay there it's only one braid around the head - but my hair is so thin I needed two ...) I didn't change the bag because I went to university these days.

|Jacket - H&M|T-shirt - ebay|Trousers - H&M|Shoes - Esperanza|Scarf - Primark|Necklace - Claires|Bag - Primark|

|Blouse - H&M|T-shirt - NewYorker|Trousers - H&M|Shoes - H&M|Bag - Primark|

|Cardigan - H&M|Dress - Visalia|Shoes - Primark|Necklace - claires|


  1. Deine Haarfarbe ist sehr schön :)

  2. wunderschöne outfits! das erste gefällt mir am allerbesten :-)

  3. I love your third outfit ^^

  4. Das dritte Outfit ist wunderschön und deine Haarfarbe sieht toll aus ! <3