Friday, May 13, 2011

New Circles - Barbie King Candy Brown ♥

Good Evening Readers ♥ 2nd time I'm writing this entry ... only because Blogger turned into "read only modus" yesterday evening. Kinda annoying wasn't it ? So another round - 2 days ago my new circles arrived. I needed some brown ones because I only own some blue and black ones. I really love their size and colour. Sadly I'll wear them only for cosplay because their look is much too unnatural. Their colour is so different from my real one ... nethertheless I like them.

I bought them here : eyecandylens
the colour is : Barbie King Candy Brown


  1. wow! Σ(ノ°▽°)ノ you are so cute!! I love those lenses ღand thank you for followingღ

  2. Super cutee~ *3* What a great review, you look like a doll *--* <3

  3. :O
    I love your hair colour! *_*
    It's a very nice blond :D
    Cute eyes too!! ^^

  4. @エミリー❤
    you're welcome and thankyou ♥

    @wen ♡
    °///w///° ♥

    Thank You ~ In the beginning I wasn't sure if its not too yellowish ... but now I really like it ,too. ♥