Monday, May 9, 2011

New LP - Little Dragon - Machine Dreams

Good Morning Readers ! ♥ Today I want to talk about my new LP. Finally I was able to buy Little Dragons "new" Album. I really really love it. "Fortune" was one of the first songs I really felt in love with - after some listening I also like track 1 "a new", track 4 "feather", track 5 "thunder love", track 7 "runabout",  track 9 "blinking pigs" and track 10 "come home" ... oh - you see .. nearly all ... ha ha well - but you can only listen to this kind of music when you're in the right mood ... I really like the feeling while listening to "blinking pigs" and "thunder love" ♬ "blinking pigs" gives me lots of positive energy ~ The CD itself isn't very special, the design is great ...but there isn't even a booklet.

• Little Dragon - Fortune •


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