Monday, June 6, 2011

Capsule - new Album - World of Fantasy [25.05.'11]


Good Evening Readers ♬ Have you already noticed capsule's new album ? Today I found the time to take a closer look at this new piece of art. I like their sound since late 2007 so it's  a pleasure to listen to their new work. While listening to their music I think they have really increased their sound.Sadly germans could not watch their new music video on Youtube ... so many great videos aren't available on Youtube anymore ... it really is a pity.You have to look through dailymotion if you want to listen to their new songs. My favourites are : "keep hope alive" and "I will". I think capsule really needs more attention ♥

Track list :
01. open the gate
02. world of fantasy
03. I just wanna xxx you
04. striker
05. keep hope alive 
06. I will
07. what is love
08. I can't say I like you 
09. prime time
10. close the gate


  1. I love capsule!!
    nd i like this one!

  2. also mir gefällt das MV spontan mal sehr gut! °A°;
    ich glaub ich sollte capsule mal abchecken XD
    *bisher nicht kannte /D*

  3. Oh, es lädt nur sehr langsam. Aber ich liebe es immer noch!

  4. @ Julia
    für den Einstieg ist "sugarless girl" ein tolles album - oder "flashback" und "capsule rmx" sind auch sehr gut. Gestern beim durchhören ist mir dann noch das Lied "the time is now" vom "more more more" album wirklich positiv aufgefallen ~ das lief bei mir den ganzen Abend rauf und runter :)