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Hello Readers ! Finally I've got a cute little kitten.... sadly I think he was much too young to be seperated from his mother... but you dont know what a farmer will do to left over kittens. He was one of the last ones. So for now he needs lots of care. He always wants to be by my side ~ ~ ~ and often sleeps in my arms. ♥ We already took him to the doctor and she said that hes totally healthy and with good care he'll be a nice cat. So I'll do my best to give him a nice home. Till now I couldn't decide for a name. What do you think about Newton or Toulouse ?


  1. I think Newton would be really nice! (although I really like Bobbi...just because it sounds as cute as Bubbles xD )

  2. Hach~ das kleine Kerlchen ist so süß! ; u ; ♥
    Toulouse find ich süß ♥
    Oder nenn ihn Nietsche, haha ♥ Oder Zarathustra, Schiller? Krishna find ich auch witzig, hehe~ <3

  3. Nietsche finde ich ehrlich nicht schlecht ° w ° ~

  4. Nietsche war ein kluger Mann :D
    Oder Karvara, Sanskrit für Tiger und gepunktet ♥

  5. liebe!!!! der kleine ist mega niedlich :)

  6. He's so cute! I love cats and kittens with long tails, they'll look pretty~~ And I guess I like Toulouse. It's unique ^_^

  7. Oh Gott...wie süß ist der denn!!!! DIe schwarzen Flecken im Gesicht = ♥
    Beehre uns in Zukunft öfter mal mit Fotos von ihm ♥♥♥
    && ich denke Toulouse ist ein schöner name ♥ (Aristocats?)


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