Friday, June 10, 2011

Mango-Lassi &Thai-Curry

Good evening Readers I'm posting so much these days ~ ~ ~ but it happened that I'm in "blogger-mood". I don't know what I like about blogging. Since I'm in 5th grade I like to write diary maybe thats the reason. Today I went out eating at my fevourite restaurant. I spent a nice evening together with my best friend Roya ~ she's like a little sister to me. ♥
What I like about the restaurant is it's ambiente and the super fresh taste of the food. For me its also the first german restaurant which is able to serve asian food which really tastes like asian food. I'm really tired of these chinese restaurants with a huge buffet... it doesn't matter where or what you eat, it always tastes the same. So it's really refreshing to eat there. Last time we went there we ordered some lemon-grass-soup. It's so delicious ! Basically we wanted to eat it again, but than we decided to try something new.  This time we ordered Thai-Curry with rice and chicken. That was so tasty ~ ~ ~ awww I want to eat it again ... always ! ! ! After eating there we came to the conclusion that we want to go there every week ... but I think we won't have the money to do so, so we are hoping that we'll can go there at least once every month. If you live near my hometown we can go there together.

拜拜 ♥


  1. Wah, I want to taste it. It does look delicious!

  2. ohh sieht lecker aus °A°
    wo ist der laden wenn man fragen darf? ♥

    du solltest einfach mal versuchen ein jumper oder maxi dress anzuziehen.
    ich war auch erstaunt, dass es gepasst hat, da die, wie du bereits sagtest, echt mal knapp ein kopf größer sind XD
    aber passt irgendwie oO
    versuch ist es wert <3

  3. @Julia
    Man glaubt es kaum - der Laden ist direkt in Bremen, direkt beim alten Marktplatz. Ich weiß gerade nicht den Namen der Straße, aber das ist die, die parallel zur Obernstr. und zur Martinistr. verläuft. Das Restaurant heißt: Jackie Su. ♥

    Okay ~ Ich werde mal eins probieren ~ bisher geht mein längstes bis zur Mitte der Waden ... eigentlich sieht das ganz gut aus ~ ♥

  4. wow you guys have so much attitude when you go out haha ~

    Love your blog and will be following ^^