Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Studies and Exams

I think this picture speaks for itself ... no time ... no life until the end of july ... but then my friend from china will come for a very long visit ! I'm so happy ! The last time I saw her was in 2007... such a long time ! And we are still in contact. : ) I hope she will teach me some chinese. I really need to practise ... well but thats future. Now I need to focus on my exams. Today I came home a bit earlier, so I could take some pictures for my blog. So you won't have to wait for new posts ~ 



  1. Ich wünsch dir viel erfolg!! ♥

  2. Sieht sehr schwer aus! Q_Q
    Viel Glück un so~

  3. haha wir haben auch mit diesem blauen Buch chinesisch gelernt XDDD bzw versucht zu lernen XDDD