Friday, June 10, 2011

<< 红楼梦 >>

 Last weeks chinese lesson I made a discovery. We talked about chinese opera and a famous chinese novel. The name of the novel is : <<红楼梦>> (hong lou meng) "dream of the red chamber". When I saw the characters I directly thought that I have already seen them. I thought about it a while and came to the conclusion, that I just know  "梦" (dream) because of some chinese songs I like. But at the moment we started talking about the story ... I remembered a present I got long time ago.
When my aunt and my oncle visited china they bought  a book for me ... the title of the book is : <<红楼梦>> I think it's pretty funny that I own such a famous chinese novel without knowing it. I hope I'll be soon able to read the whole novel. I also would like to see this novel performed as an opera. I really like the costumes and the make up of chinese opera actors. ♬

a summary of the story in our textbook

拜拜 ~

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