Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dress Ups - Early July

Hello Readers ! ♬ Today was the first day of my hollidays. I'm really happy. Yesterday me and my friends from university went out to celebrate our freetime. It was a pretty funny evening ~ Today I felt very sleepy because I got only 3hours of sleep. But besides that I'm feeling pretty good. Tomorrow will be my brothers birthday. So I'll eat lots of cake ~ ~ ~ 
Here's just a short dress-up update. I had no time to take accurate shots of my outfits and I also didn't feel like dressing up in a special way. Just two normal outfits I wore two weeks ago. 

 |Blouse - Mango|Shorts - H&M|Tights - H&M|Shoes - Esperanza|Necklace - Claires|Ring - H&M|Bag - Primark|

|Shirt - H&M|Trousers - NewYorker|Shoes - H&M|Earings - sixx|Ring - sixx|Bag - Primark|

拜拜 ♥

Monday, July 18, 2011

three ways to sleep on a notebook

Hello Readers ♥ ! Tomorrow will be finally my last exam of 2nd semester. No matter what the results will be I'm just happy that I'll be over this stressfull time of studying. Here are some pictures of my cat which I took one hour ago. Everytime I'm busy with university stuff he sleeps on my notebook. While he's half a sleep he's turning around pretty often till he finds is final sleeping position. He has grown a lot hasn't he ? ♬

拜拜 ♥

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Little Dragon - new Album - Ritual Union [22.07.2011]

Good Evening Readers ♥ ! How are you doing ? I think my english is getting worse ... I'm so sorry for that D; ... please don't blame me for that. I should read more english books and better watch movies in their original dub. Yes ! I'll start with it in my long hollidays !

Today I checked out if my favourite bands posted some release dates for new Albums. I'm so happy, that I discovered that Little Dragon's new Album will be released on 22.07.2011 ! Thats next week ! I directly preordered it. I just listened through their songs on amazon and I'm quite content with them. I think they havn't changed their sound but increased it. They always have lots of songs you fell in love not until you've listened to them for a few times.  I really like Track 1 "ritual union" , "please turn" and "crystalfilm". I think they need more attention. Sadly I wasn't able to see their live performance in may... (money issues) So I hope they'll come back to Germany very soon.

Track list :
01. ritual union
02. little man
03. brush the heat
04. shuffle a dream
05. please turn
06. crystalfilm
07. presious
08. nightlight
09. summertearz
10. when I go out
11. seconds

Little Dragon - Ritual Union

拜拜 ♥

They'll have their next performances in Germany in early november  ! Is anybody willing to join me ? 
(08.11.'11 Hamburg)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cosplay Competition

First of all I want to Thank you for all your nice comments and your support for my exams. ♥ I hope you are all enjoying your summer hollidays ? Next week will be my last exam and I'll have a long holliday till the beginning of october. I'm so looking forward to it !

|Cardigan - Promote|Shirt - Primark|Shorts - H&M|Shoes - H&M|Tights - H&M|Necklace - Claires|Headdress - Monki|

So last weekend me and my friends went to a Cosplay Competition. First time in my life being a jury-member. I was very excited. I think we did a very good job. (for our first time) I hope everybody is happy about their position and understands our decisions. Because it was only a small compition - there where lots of very young Cosplayers. We were really surprised about their good work. I hope they'll continue cosplaying. ♥ Normally I didn't talk to others than my friends in that scene so it was kinda refreshing talking to new people.

 photos taken by :  click

拜拜 ♥

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hatsune Miku - LOL - Costume

Hello Readers ! I havn't forgotten about my Blog ... I feel kinda sad because there are so many things waiting and because of these stupid exams I do nothing than studying (or just trying?) ... Next week will be my last exam ... after that we all want to go out celebrate the end of the 2nd semester. ♥
But thats future ... so let me start with my new costume. Last year in September I've seen the music video to "lots of laugh" for the first time and I directly felt in love with that pink school uniform und the song. Normally I don't like Vocaloid Songs. There are only a few I like because there are only a few people who are really able to use this computer program. At first I wanted to sew it by my own - but than a friend of mine told me that there is a pretty good version in the Bodyline Online Store. It was so pretty and looked exactly the way I wanted to sew it ... so I just bought ... Last week I made that final decision. I'm very happy with tha decision because it IS rellay very cute and pretty. I think it fits me very well. I'm looking forward for shootings with lots of sweets and cakes. While I was taking pictures my cat was amazed by these blue ponytails ... ♥

(I also bought some white underpants/bloomers and  roses for other costumes)

♥ Hatsune Miku -LOL - Lot's of Laugh ♥

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Monday, July 4, 2011

My Mom calls him "Findus"

Yes ... if its up me he is still nameless. Shame on me ...  my mom was so upset with it, that she started calling him "Findus". Just like Petersons cat ... I'm sorry for posting so much cat and study (china) related entries ... but I just can't find time to make some reviews which are stimm waiting. I also wanted to show you my fav. combinations from Happie Nuts and Popsister (July). But its already to late ... After my exams I'll post more interesting things ~

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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hua Mulan - 花木兰 - 2009

Hello Readers ! Yesterday I met a good friend if mine in Hamburg. When I was serching for my mothers birthday present I bought this chinese movie. It's called "Mulan" and "花木兰" (Hua Mulan) in Chinese. I think you can guess what this film is about. It's the live action adaption of a famous chinese legend. Well I didn't know that Disneys Mulan is based on a true Story. The movie is a very sad and brutal Drama. In the end I truly had some tears in my eyes ... normally I do not like these kind of chinese movies. There is always a way too much of all ... but this one is pretty good. The german version on the DVD is okay ... but I preferred watching it in mandarin. I always hope that it'll teach myself a bit more chinese. I also found some "mistakes" in the translation. (in the Beginning Mulan gives her father medicine "药" (yao) but in the german translation she says that he should drink some tea "茶" (cha).) Well I really like this movie and I think it was a good decision to buy it. 

木蘭情 MV 孫燕姿 (官方版)  Movie Hua Mulan Song Stefanie Sun

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