Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dress Ups - Early July

Hello Readers ! ♬ Today was the first day of my hollidays. I'm really happy. Yesterday me and my friends from university went out to celebrate our freetime. It was a pretty funny evening ~ Today I felt very sleepy because I got only 3hours of sleep. But besides that I'm feeling pretty good. Tomorrow will be my brothers birthday. So I'll eat lots of cake ~ ~ ~ 
Here's just a short dress-up update. I had no time to take accurate shots of my outfits and I also didn't feel like dressing up in a special way. Just two normal outfits I wore two weeks ago. 

 |Blouse - Mango|Shorts - H&M|Tights - H&M|Shoes - Esperanza|Necklace - Claires|Ring - H&M|Bag - Primark|

|Shirt - H&M|Trousers - NewYorker|Shoes - H&M|Earings - sixx|Ring - sixx|Bag - Primark|

拜拜 ♥


  1. schönes outfit^^
    viel spaß mit deinen ferien :3

  2. i love both outfits,they're relaxed but still cool : ),