Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hatsune Miku - LOL - Costume

Hello Readers ! I havn't forgotten about my Blog ... I feel kinda sad because there are so many things waiting and because of these stupid exams I do nothing than studying (or just trying?) ... Next week will be my last exam ... after that we all want to go out celebrate the end of the 2nd semester. ♥
But thats future ... so let me start with my new costume. Last year in September I've seen the music video to "lots of laugh" for the first time and I directly felt in love with that pink school uniform und the song. Normally I don't like Vocaloid Songs. There are only a few I like because there are only a few people who are really able to use this computer program. At first I wanted to sew it by my own - but than a friend of mine told me that there is a pretty good version in the Bodyline Online Store. It was so pretty and looked exactly the way I wanted to sew it ... so I just bought ... Last week I made that final decision. I'm very happy with tha decision because it IS rellay very cute and pretty. I think it fits me very well. I'm looking forward for shootings with lots of sweets and cakes. While I was taking pictures my cat was amazed by these blue ponytails ... ♥

(I also bought some white underpants/bloomers and  roses for other costumes)

♥ Hatsune Miku -LOL - Lot's of Laugh ♥

拜拜 ♥


  1. You look great *_*!

    Und viel Glück dir noch mit den Klausuren! <3

  2. ...die Katze!! xDD Wie super ♥ Ich hab auch grad ne kleine neue...ein wahres Monster ich sags dir.
    Aber das Cos sieht super aus!! ♥ Viel GLück mit den Prüfungen~

  3. omg i love your cosplay of miku hatsune!~ adorable!

  4. oh! you look really cute!
    i dont know this character but anyway, you look like a doll!^^

  5. Your lil kitty is SOOOOO cute!! Did you decide on a name yet? (I hope I didn't missed anything regarding him).
    and the dress is really cute too ^.^

  6. Omg *w* one of my fav vocaloid songs and also best vocaloid outfit for Miku <3! Love ur cosplay ;w; <3