Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hua Mulan - 花木兰 - 2009

Hello Readers ! Yesterday I met a good friend if mine in Hamburg. When I was serching for my mothers birthday present I bought this chinese movie. It's called "Mulan" and "花木兰" (Hua Mulan) in Chinese. I think you can guess what this film is about. It's the live action adaption of a famous chinese legend. Well I didn't know that Disneys Mulan is based on a true Story. The movie is a very sad and brutal Drama. In the end I truly had some tears in my eyes ... normally I do not like these kind of chinese movies. There is always a way too much of all ... but this one is pretty good. The german version on the DVD is okay ... but I preferred watching it in mandarin. I always hope that it'll teach myself a bit more chinese. I also found some "mistakes" in the translation. (in the Beginning Mulan gives her father medicine "药" (yao) but in the german translation she says that he should drink some tea "茶" (cha).) Well I really like this movie and I think it was a good decision to buy it. 

木蘭情 MV 孫燕姿 (官方版)  Movie Hua Mulan Song Stefanie Sun

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  1. I didn't know that it was based on a true story too.
    I want to watch it. Well, I need to search for it and its a good training for you too!

  2. Haiyah, jetzt erinnere ich mich daran, dass ich diesen Film auch noch sehen wollte. Einfach auch aus Neugier wie sich Zhao Wei als Mann schlägt.