Saturday, July 16, 2011

Little Dragon - new Album - Ritual Union [22.07.2011]

Good Evening Readers ♥ ! How are you doing ? I think my english is getting worse ... I'm so sorry for that D; ... please don't blame me for that. I should read more english books and better watch movies in their original dub. Yes ! I'll start with it in my long hollidays !

Today I checked out if my favourite bands posted some release dates for new Albums. I'm so happy, that I discovered that Little Dragon's new Album will be released on 22.07.2011 ! Thats next week ! I directly preordered it. I just listened through their songs on amazon and I'm quite content with them. I think they havn't changed their sound but increased it. They always have lots of songs you fell in love not until you've listened to them for a few times.  I really like Track 1 "ritual union" , "please turn" and "crystalfilm". I think they need more attention. Sadly I wasn't able to see their live performance in may... (money issues) So I hope they'll come back to Germany very soon.

Track list :
01. ritual union
02. little man
03. brush the heat
04. shuffle a dream
05. please turn
06. crystalfilm
07. presious
08. nightlight
09. summertearz
10. when I go out
11. seconds

Little Dragon - Ritual Union

拜拜 ♥

They'll have their next performances in Germany in early november  ! Is anybody willing to join me ? 
(08.11.'11 Hamburg)

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