Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Whats in your Bag Ānnī ?

Hello Readers ♥  I wanted to make this kind of post for a long time now. So here we go. By the way, this is my new favourite bag. I bought it at Primark  for only 11€. 

Left to Right :

upper row :
Make Up Bag, Brush, Wallet, Cellphone with a strap I got from my 2nd host family in Japan,
lower row :
Handkerchiefs, a small box with NDS-Games, my lightpink NDS, Notebook and a scarf

I often take my NDS with me ... you don't know where or when you have to wait for a long time so I have always something with me, that hels me to shorten waiting time. ♥


Progress 'Secret Costume' #1

Here are some pictures of my latest work.  Deadline is in two weeks. Because it's a secret for most of the people I won't post my progress pictures in coloures. I made these pictures to find out if these laces and colours will match with each other. Im pretty satisfied with the things I already have. I love my shoes for this costume. They are very comfortable to wear ♥ 


Monday, August 29, 2011

ゴジラ vs.スペースゴジラ

Tonight in German-Television. Watch Tele 5 - 20:15 ... Godzilla vs. Space Godzilla !
Next Monday : Godzilla vs. Destoroyah ♥  

Do you remember the mosura song ? It was the first Asian-Song I sang when I was a child. I remember that I watched it on a warm summerday together with my brother. After that we went to a barbecue where I sang the song all the time ... now I'm sitting in my new room watching Gojira and eat some mochi ... hm... this is what I call a nice evening.


New Home

Yesterday I moved in my new flat. There are still some things missing but I think I'll spent a nice year here. Now I can finally vistit my friends without hurring to the trainstation and a 30minutes train ride. The next days will be pretty busy but I think I'll can manage to post something everyday. Thanks for helping me moving : Sakimake, Roya and Mio . ♥


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Prinzessin Yuki

Good Morning Readers  ♥ May I introduce you Princess Yuki ? Isn't she beautiful ? She is the new cat of a dear friend of mine. She comes from Romania  and went through lots of trouble. Now she is starting a new life at my friends house. I love her blue eyes and her fluffy fur.


Talking about the Layout and the Weather

Good Evening dear Followers ♥ A few Minutes ago I changed the style of my Blog into a more adult one. I hope you like it. I was always a fan of starry skys but it also made me feel pretty tiny and I'm still afraid of all the things that could maybe crash into our little blue planet on their way through the universe. (I've watched too many movies and documentations about that topic when I was a child)

I also changed the url of my blog. Its name is now :

After having that old name for such a long time I was still not content with it. I always thought about a new name which is better suited for me. Not too hipster-like not too girly ...

I also think about writing more posts in german because my english isn't really good and than to post a small summary in english at the end of the post. I think its a good idea. What do you think about it ? Hm... I havn't talked about the weather yet... Ha Ha ... my tiny village is so peaceful that I havn't seen hailstones that big. It was a bit creepy being all alone with the little kitten in our big house ...


Friday, August 26, 2011

North Sea # 3/3

大家好! ♥ This my last post about our short trip to germanys north sea cost. Because we are all Cosplayers we decided to take some pictures at the beach. This is me cosplaying Hatsune Miku - Deep Sea Girl [深海少女] The song and the lyrics are pretty nice and fit to the ocean theme we all wanted to cosplay. My favorite picture is the one showing me sitting in the grass (?).  I'm the only one who didn't caught a cold after that day. It was REALLY freakn' cold ... but I'm pretty much satisfied with the result. I hope you like them, too. 

pictures were all taken and edited by click

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

North Sea # 2/3

Hello Everyone ♥ 2nd post of my little vacation to germanys north sea cost. Because we are all fans of the mudflat (?) we decided to join a large group and to have a nice walk through it. I really enjoyed to walk in there. The air is very healthy, the sand is very good for your skin and there are lots of interesting animals. Our guide was very well informed and we learned a lot about this unique countryside. This was the first time I saw seals in nature. They were lying on a sandbank only 30-40metres away. I hope you all have one day the possibility to have a nice walk in there ... but you have to be quick .. the water comes back pretty fast ;D


Monday, August 22, 2011

North Sea # 1/3

Long Time no see ! The Last two weeks were quite busy so I didn't find the time to post anything. On August 11th we all celebrated my 21st birthday. Though the weather was bad we had a great time together. I'll post some photos later.
Last sunday me and my friends went to northern sea. We spent some lovely days in a cute little house. Sadly this years spring havn't turned into summer but into a very long autumn ... so the weather was really very bad. It was rainy, windy and cold.  Here is the first entry of three. I took these pictures on our first day. We went into the sea, ate some icecream and bought a small kite. The harbour you can see in the background is "Bremerhaven"

I think the sea looks like a very big lake ... its so calm ~


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

... and its RED again ♥


I just love bright red hair ♥ (oh... you can see where my cat have scratched me ... )

Monday, August 8, 2011

Shopping Update - July'11

Hello Readers ♬ Today I want to share the things I bought in this years summer sale. I think you can guess which magazine I'm reading by looking at my cloths. Yes - it is : "Popsister". I really love that magazine and it fits perfectly to my personal taste. ♥ The style there is very femine and girly... but not too childish. It is said that this magazine is made for woman in their early twentys ... so made for woman like me ♬ Ha Ha ~ My fave models are AMI and AYA. These two are so beautiful and have a great style ~ ~ ~ I think sometimes they look a bit like CL and Sandara Park from 2NE1.
I'm talking too much ~ here are some things I bought :
My fave one is the H&M Dress.♥ I would like to wear the LizLisa Dress on Christmas Eve ~ ~ ~

Blouse : via Dress : H&M 

Sleeveless : monki Pullover : monki

Dress : LizLisa Blouse : Mango

Knit : monki Cardigan : Promote

Shorts : H&M Jeans : monki

Cat Post -

拜拜 ♥

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Biggest Present I ever got

Hello Readers ! Today I bought myself a present for my 21th birthday next week. I paid one half and the other is paid by my parents and grandparents. Its Canons EOS 550D ! I think its one of the best presents I ever got but definetly the most expansiv one. Now I can fnally take highquality pictures. Because of my cousins visit we will go to the worlds biggest birds only zoo. There I'll try to take some nice pictures and also try to control the technique ... here are some pictures :

Heres a picture of Findus I took today. You can't really see a difference in this low quality ... D; but you can trust me ... in it's real size the photo is perfect !

拜拜 ♥