Monday, August 22, 2011

North Sea # 1/3

Long Time no see ! The Last two weeks were quite busy so I didn't find the time to post anything. On August 11th we all celebrated my 21st birthday. Though the weather was bad we had a great time together. I'll post some photos later.
Last sunday me and my friends went to northern sea. We spent some lovely days in a cute little house. Sadly this years spring havn't turned into summer but into a very long autumn ... so the weather was really very bad. It was rainy, windy and cold.  Here is the first entry of three. I took these pictures on our first day. We went into the sea, ate some icecream and bought a small kite. The harbour you can see in the background is "Bremerhaven"

I think the sea looks like a very big lake ... its so calm ~



  1. Alles Gute nachträglich!
    Das Bild von dir ist schön! <3

  2. Strandkörbeeeee, ich liebe sie haha

    und auch ich wünsch dir alles Gute nachträglich! ♥

  3. What are those things on the beach?

  4. Its a typical german seat for the beach :) Very comfortable ~