Saturday, August 27, 2011

Talking about the Layout and the Weather

Good Evening dear Followers ♥ A few Minutes ago I changed the style of my Blog into a more adult one. I hope you like it. I was always a fan of starry skys but it also made me feel pretty tiny and I'm still afraid of all the things that could maybe crash into our little blue planet on their way through the universe. (I've watched too many movies and documentations about that topic when I was a child)

I also changed the url of my blog. Its name is now :

After having that old name for such a long time I was still not content with it. I always thought about a new name which is better suited for me. Not too hipster-like not too girly ...

I also think about writing more posts in german because my english isn't really good and than to post a small summary in english at the end of the post. I think its a good idea. What do you think about it ? Hm... I havn't talked about the weather yet... Ha Ha ... my tiny village is so peaceful that I havn't seen hailstones that big. It was a bit creepy being all alone with the little kitten in our big house ...


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