Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Whats in your Bag Ānnī ?

Hello Readers ♥  I wanted to make this kind of post for a long time now. So here we go. By the way, this is my new favourite bag. I bought it at Primark  for only 11€. 

Left to Right :

upper row :
Make Up Bag, Brush, Wallet, Cellphone with a strap I got from my 2nd host family in Japan,
lower row :
Handkerchiefs, a small box with NDS-Games, my lightpink NDS, Notebook and a scarf

I often take my NDS with me ... you don't know where or when you have to wait for a long time so I have always something with me, that hels me to shorten waiting time. ♥



  1. Die Tasche! ; u ;
    Als ich sie gesehen habe, war sie noch total teuer... also habe ich sie nicht genommen.

    Und so eine Art Eintrag wollte ich auch schon lange mal machen, schon in MLWPB.. man kommt irgendwie zu nichts, oder? /D

    Btw. ich liebe dein Notebook♥

  2. how interesting! Thanks for sharing ^^

  3. Tolle Sachen *_* Das Notebook ist total toll <3

  4. Hello! I just discovered your blog and it is absolutely incredible. I hope you don't mind me adding you! I love your bag as well, plus everything you keep in it is super cute. <3