Monday, September 12, 2011

Progress 'Secret Costume' #4

Hello Readers ! As you can see my 'secret' costume isn't that secret anymore. Ha Ha. Can you guess what it is ? I can give you a tip ... It's a special design for a character which is pretty common in the Cosplay-Scene made by the amazing "Sakizou". Today I nearly finished my wig and the upper part of the costume. Tomorrow I'll sew the sleeves and the skirt. I'm pretty confident till now. I think I'll wear exactly this make up on Saturday. Than I just have to add some more Eyeliner and upper+under lashes. 
This years Connichi will be great ! I know it ! I have a nice costume, tickets, a nice place to sleep and lost of people I want to meet. 


  1. Oh das ist toll!*___* Und irgendwie hab ich geahnt das Sie es wird. XD!

  2. Omg Sakizou hatte mir garnichts gesagt..habs gegooglet...OH GOTT sind die Zeichnungen super!!!

    Und dein Kostüm scheint auch echt umwerfend zu werden ôô na hoffentlich lauf ich dir übern Weg...dann muss ich n Foto machen~