Thursday, September 8, 2011

Shooting July'11 #1

Hello Readers ! Long time no see. Another week has passed and I really love living in the city centre. Next week I'll go to my all time favorite german Convention. If you wanna meet me in Kassel just write a comment and we can arrange some time. ♥ I'm really happy that I could manage to get a ticket today. I'll be able to see MAY'N live ! She is the singing voice of Sheryl Nome from "Macross Frontier".  I really really love some of her songs, like "Northern Cross" and "Diamond Crevasse". I'm pretty much excited !

But now back to topic :
Here are some pictures of our 'Dreaming Little Bird' shooting which was set in late July. My friend was very busy so she didn't find the time to edit all the pitures we took that day. These ones are my favs so far. Maybe you remember my first shooting wearing this costume. *click As you might have noticed I've added some black lace at the Yukata and put more flowers on my wig. I really love how the new pictures turned out. I really enjoyed taking pictures of our small group. Next time I'll wear this costumes for a video project. So be excited ~ ~ ~

On the pictures you can also see :
Milu as Gakuko (purple hair)
Doku  as Kasane Teto (orange hair)

I hope you like them ♥
All pictures were taken and editet by Resa 

I'll try to make a second post with more pictures ~ ~ ~



  1. wow these are so beautiful!!

  2. Ich find dich als Miku echt total toll ♥

  3. Omg you're a perfect Miku! *__*
    I'm a Miku cosplayer too, and I love doing these kind of traditional costumes on her ~ they're also really funny to sew :D

  4. Is that a different wig you're wearing?