Saturday, October 8, 2011

Autumn Gets ! # 2 Bags

Yesterday I went shopping together with my fellow students. I just wanted to buy some new tights and a big bag for university - but I ended up buying 3(!) of them. This years atumn collections are just completly my taste ! Because I didn't show you my new H&M bag yet, so I also added it. A woman just couldn't have enough bags ...

 Primark 3€

 H&M online 19,95€

 Primark 11€

Primark 4€



  1. hallo :) mein erster Kommentar hier. Die Taschen sind alle total schön, am besten gefällt mir aber die erste <3 hach ich muss wohl doch auch endlich mal zu primark u.u

  2. oh gott ich muss zu Primark! Die Taschen sind toll *_*

  3. die letzte tasche ;_; wunderschön!