Sunday, October 9, 2011

Autumn Gets ! # 3 Necklaces

As you have maybe noticed I am a huge fan of necklaces with funny pendants. Well I was always a fan of primark's necklaces but NOW they don't seem to have any 'new' ideas. claires suprised me in the last months. I think I have to safe some money and buy some more of their necklaces. When I was there on friday - they had a very pretty birds cage and a super cute turtle ! But I had to buy the big fish instead. I love the way it moves while wearing it. It looks like having a freshly angled fish around your neck. Ha Ha - my fellow-students made fun of me buying it. They said that it looks pretty cruel ... 
New Yorker also offers pretty necklaces this autumn. They sell a pretty peacock necklace and a dear which looks completly like the pokemon "Sawsbuck" # 586

 a Birthday present - but I think you can still get it at 'New Yorker'




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  1. Ich mag deinen Blog total gerne! Er ist so toll und abwechslungsreich! Und ich liebe deine Cosplays, wahnsinn wie du nähen kannst. Dein 'Secret Costume', so toll! *__*

    Ohja, Claire's hat in letzter Zeit so tollen Schmuck! Nicht nur Ketten, auch anderes! Früher fand ich den Laden total nervig, weil es da nur Krimskrams gab und nervige 13jährige Teenies da drin gehockt haben... heute sind sie immer noch da, aber es gibt tollen Schmuck :D ♥ Ich hab' eine Eulenkette von da, so eine ähnliche gab's auch schonmal bei H&M, aber die con Claire's ist viiiel toller! :D gehe dann mal wieder.
    Bis bald! :D (Ich follow dich jetzt.)