Sunday, October 2, 2011


I felt like being the last one posting about my first experience of drinking milktea in germany. Milktea was always my secret love from east asia since I drank it for the first time back in Beijing. In the last months 'bubble tea' is getting more and more popular in germany. Yesterday I spent my day in Hannover and somebody told us, that there is a new Bubble Tea Bar near the central station. 
Because I always had the normal one when I was in Asia I wanted to go back to these memorys and just tried some green tea milk tea with the common tapioka pearls. I want to go back to the good old days ...

There will be another Bubble Tea Bar in my hometown right in the middle of october. 
Should I try to work there ? Ha Ha - but I think they will only exept asian looking people .... 


A friend of mine just told me, that their is already a bar in my hometown ??! 


  1. Du kannst da arbeiten...wenn du die Sprache kannst. :O
    Ich weiß nicht, ob das Aussehen wichtig ist.
    Ich wollte hier in Berlin auch mal in einem scheiterte dann an der Sprache /D

  2. Na ja - in Hannover konnten die kein Chinesisch ... die meisten,die dort arbeiten scheinen Vietnamesen zu sein. Ich frag einfach mal :)

  3. Was auch immer man da können muss. Ich weiß es leider nicht. :(
    Aber ja, fragen kostet ja nichts!