Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fair/Carnival 2011

Hello Readers ♥ ! Yesterday started this years fair ! I so love to be there. The food, the rollercoasters, the atmosphere ... everything there  mekes me feel good. Yesterday I went there together with my fellow students and some of the chinese exchange students. We had really lots of fun there even though we didn't  make it to have any ride in the rollercoasters. I tried lots of food. I ate some 'Poffertjes' (some kind of small pancakes) , a Choco-Banana and a huge sweet dumpling with cherries inside.  It was a very funny and nice evening and I think I will go there quiet a few times in the next 2 weeks. ♥ ♥ 

 these are some scary guys huh ? - I really like the picture ~ 

 Duck-Fishing !

 My fellow student even won a small price !

 Oktober-Fest Atmosphere ~

 at ferris wheel was a camera ...

 ... and somebody turned on the zoom :D

 I love chairoplane 

 Firewoks ♥ ♥ 



  1. The fair seems fun! I want to go to!!!

  2. waaah ich liebe solche Volksfeste auch, vor allem wegen der Lichter <3 echt schöne Bilder :)