Sunday, November 6, 2011

Halloween Party

|Dress - Bodyline|Blouse - Bodyline|Apron - Handmade|Socks - New Yorker|Shoes - H&M|Headpiece - Monki|Necklace - Primark|

Yesterday we finally celebrated Halloween. One of my fellow students organized a super nice Party. We all had to come in costumes. This was actually pretty hard for me, because everybody knows I'm kind of a 'pro' when it comes to costumes. BUT sadly I don't own any scary costumes and this month I didn't had the money  or the time to make a new one ... so I had a closer look at my closet and decided going there as some kind of "Alice in Wonderland". 
Lots of my friends liked my costume which made me pretty happy. My fellow students costumes were also pretty nice - we had a little red ridinghood, a monkey, a ninja, zombies, Edward Cullen, Edward Scissorhands, Zombies, Vampires, Devils and many more ! 
At 11 o'clock we had to decide whoms costume is the best - and I made the THIRD place ! Eventhough my costume wasn't scary at all. We even got medals ! This is the first real price I got for a costume ~ ~ ~ all in all it was a nice evening and I had a pretty good time with my friends.