Saturday, November 12, 2011

Karē Raisu - カレーライス ! ♥

First time I made some Karē Raisu all by myself ! About 2 months ago I went to my friend Mercedes and we made some together. It was so delicious that I always wanted to do some on my own. Today after my last reexam I felt pretty moody so I decided to lighten my day with some delicious food. I know other people would go out partying but I just want to enjoy my laziness today - and of course do some laundry .... 
I'm not a pro when it comes to cooking and I'm not so into this 'yeah I need the super expensive incredents' The most importand incredent ist the golden curry. I chosed medium-hot because if there is something I just can not eat - it will be hot ! You can buy the curry at your local asian food store. ♥... With this entry I just want to show you how easy it is to have some nice Karē Raisu. (and its also for me a reminder) I'm not saying that this is the best and only way ... 

いただきます !