Monday, January 30, 2012

Pre-Exam-Post !

Good Evening Readers ! 

Yes ! I'm still alive. By the time University keeps me pretty busy. It't time for third semesters final exams ! Wuah ! These exams are very important - if I'll fail I'm not allowed to go to china in august. 
The other reason why I didn't post anything was that I finally got my iPhone 4s. I didn't touched my lap for over 2 weeks and blogging via iPhone is just ... is just not the same.
Today I met some friends (MioRoyaJenny and Maikel) We spent a nice afternoon with chatting and eating. I'm just too lazy to write more and I have to prepare myself for wednesdays chinese exam ... sorry - BUT I think Jenny or Maikel will write more about our small meetup ~ ~ 

 Caramel machiatto and choco brownie ! 

 Mango Cocos Curry ! 

Pictures were all taken with Instagram - a pretty nice iPhone App. You can follow me there by searching my username : YUUser

Have a look at my awesome iPhone case ! 

xoxo 安妮


  1. palim palim, hauptsache der maikel kommentiert als erster, spricht sehr für mein internetleben >D

    der tag war trotz kälte doch ziemlich nice! <3
    hab mich gefreut euch zu sehen höhö

  2. Ha Ha - So MUSS das auch sein !

    Ja - es war wirklich sehr schön ! :> Das können wir ruhig mal häufiger machen ~ ich mag gern lecker essen gehen ~ obwohl ich auch nichts gegen shoppen hätte ° 3 ° ~

  3. es war mega schön mit euch, auch wenn es ARSCHkalt war!! <3
    Viel Glück dir ! *-*