Monday, February 27, 2012

Make Up - Test - Monou Kotori

What I used :
Manhatten Cover Stick *Stable* | Manhatten soft compact powder 0 *transparent* | Super+ Bleblesh Balm BB Triple Functions | Dolly Wink liquid Eyeliner *black* | Dolly Wink flase lashes #2 | Majolica Majorca Mascara Gorgeous Wing | Dolly Wink Eyeshadow # 1 | Majolica Majorca Blush *PK301*

Hey there dear Followers ! How are you these days ? Well as for me I ate way too much during preparations for my finals so now I need to go on a diet ... not pretty funny. I gained at least 4kg in the last two months ! Well - now I'm on a long holliday and I have plenty of time for cosplay and studying (and also doing some sports ? D; ). Next month will be Leipzig Bookfair again. So I made one of my make up tests. I won't wear this one on that date but I decided to do this one first. I don't know if you can recognize the character. It's [Monou Kotori] from Clamps [X-1999] I decided to cosplay her because I had this awesome wig left. You might think : HEY ! This is too much make up for her ! Clamp loved to draw huge lashes in the first volumnes where she wears her school uniform and I want to cosplay her in this outfit, so I think it's okay to go for nice dolly wink lashes  hehe. Maybe I'll finish this one within the next week. Then I'll start with my pretty Kuragehime Kuranosuke ♥ The next days I'll also make a make up test for him. I'm not sure which colours I should use. But lets see. I hope you like the pictures - the quality isn't very good because I took it via iphone. 

See You next time !
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xoxo 安妮