Monday, February 27, 2012

Make Up - Test - Monou Kotori

What I used :
Manhatten Cover Stick *Stable* | Manhatten soft compact powder 0 *transparent* | Super+ Bleblesh Balm BB Triple Functions | Dolly Wink liquid Eyeliner *black* | Dolly Wink flase lashes #2 | Majolica Majorca Mascara Gorgeous Wing | Dolly Wink Eyeshadow # 1 | Majolica Majorca Blush *PK301*

Hey there dear Followers ! How are you these days ? Well as for me I ate way too much during preparations for my finals so now I need to go on a diet ... not pretty funny. I gained at least 4kg in the last two months ! Well - now I'm on a long holliday and I have plenty of time for cosplay and studying (and also doing some sports ? D; ). Next month will be Leipzig Bookfair again. So I made one of my make up tests. I won't wear this one on that date but I decided to do this one first. I don't know if you can recognize the character. It's [Monou Kotori] from Clamps [X-1999] I decided to cosplay her because I had this awesome wig left. You might think : HEY ! This is too much make up for her ! Clamp loved to draw huge lashes in the first volumnes where she wears her school uniform and I want to cosplay her in this outfit, so I think it's okay to go for nice dolly wink lashes  hehe. Maybe I'll finish this one within the next week. Then I'll start with my pretty Kuragehime Kuranosuke ♥ The next days I'll also make a make up test for him. I'm not sure which colours I should use. But lets see. I hope you like the pictures - the quality isn't very good because I took it via iphone. 

See You next time !
Oh - did you know that I also have a tumblr account ? Well it's just for reblogging some pictures according to my mood. But maybe you are intrested : urban-nebula.tumblr

xoxo 安妮


  1. Oh Gott! Du willst sie cosplayen? * u *
    Ich kann sie zwar nicht leiden, weil sie ein äußerst nerviger Charakter ist (in meinen Augen),aber ich freue mich dennoch, dass du jemanden aus einem meiner Lieblingsmangas cosplayst. <3

    Ich denke, dass du die Wimpern und so weiter dran lassen kannst, aber ich finde, dass du nicht ganz so viel vom Eyeliner benutzten solltest. Ein bisschen weniger, ein bisschen natürlicher. Sie ist doch eine natürliche Schönheit, soweit ich weiß. ;D
    Aber ansonsten freue ich mich auf das fertige Cos!!

  2. aww~!!! *____*
    DU BIST DIE PERFEKTE KOTORI! Soooo schön! Ich liebe X-Clamp!
    Totally like! Die Bilder sind leider ein bisschen unscharf =( Aber ich würd die Augen schon so betont lassen mit dunklen Wimpern, denn ich bin auch der Meinung, dass bei ihr die Augen total betont sind =) Also ich mags! ♥

  3. oh my gosh, du siehst so anders aus!!!
    Aber schön anders! XD
    Nicht dass dir die Perücke nicht stehen würde, I like!