Tuesday, March 20, 2012

LBM # 1

Good Evening Readers ! 
It's Springtime already and this means : the Cosplay-Season have started ! The first event for german Cosplayers is the Bookfair in Leipzig. The Location is just awesome and you can meet lots of friends ! I spent over one week at my friends flat. We had a very nice time. We prepared our costumes, watched lots of movies, ate pizza and went into a super cute café for breakfast. On Friday was the first day wearing our costumes. Milu and me decided to wear our 'Secret Police' Costumes again. (maybe you remember this shooting) 

(pics from my instagram account)

As I wrote back than I made myself some new ribbons and now I'm pretty satisfied with the costume. I also like this kind of make up 

    (pics from my instagram account)

The sunset was  very beautiful on friday ♥ Oh - my dear friends Resa borowed me her shoes ~  LBM friday I met many new people and also lots of old friends. It really was a nice day. 

All these were taken by Milu 
I like them pretty much