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Monou Kotori - X-1999

Good Evening Readers ! ♥
As I already told you before I finished my Monou Kotori Cosplay ! I'm really very satisfied with the result and enjoyed wearing this costume. It's truly unbelieveble that this one is my first real school uniform and first Clamp Cosplay ! Shame on Me ! Uniforms are always hard to sew so I was a bit afraid to start. But all in all it was much easier than I thought and I finished all within 1 and half day. The day of the shooting was very nice but sadly we had no reflector so we had some problems with the light. But I think we managed to take some nice pictures. I hope you like them ♥
(pics from my instagram account)

All pictures were taken by Milu with my camera. Thank you ♥

LBM # 2

Hello, Readers - and Happy Easter ! ♥
Finally the 2nd post about this years LBM. I could have posted earlier but I thought about closing this blog due to  save my privacy ... but I just can not stop blogging ! It's still to much fun - on the other side my english isn't very good,so  I think it's important for me - and of course for my english - to write down some sentences once in a while. So - here we go ! On LBMs Saturday I met my lovely friend Mio♥ We spent a nice day together with Mimi.   Finally I could wear my new costume. It's Koibuchi Koranosuke from Kuragehime (Princess Jellyfish) As I told you in this entry I wanted to modify the final dress and just put all my favourite parts from every design I could find of this dress together. This ist the result ! I hope you like it ♥ 
(pics from my instagram account)

(pics taken by Halbkind)
I really like these pictures. Halbkind is a very talented young lady ♥ I was very lucky to meet her just after arriving at the fair. M…