Sunday, April 15, 2012

Monou Kotori - X-1999

Good Evening Readers ! 

As I already told you before I finished my Monou Kotori Cosplay ! I'm really very satisfied with the result and enjoyed wearing this costume. It's truly unbelieveble that this one is my first real school uniform and first Clamp Cosplay ! Shame on Me ! Uniforms are always hard to sew so I was a bit afraid to start. But all in all it was much easier than I thought and I finished all within 1 and half day. The day of the shooting was very nice but sadly we had no reflector so we had some problems with the light. But I think we managed to take some nice pictures. I hope you like them 

(pics from my instagram account)

All pictures were taken by Milu with my camera.
Thank you 


Saturday, April 7, 2012

LBM # 2

Hello, Readers - and Happy Easter ! 

Finally the 2nd post about this years LBM. I could have posted earlier but I thought about closing this blog due to  save my privacy ... but I just can not stop blogging ! It's still to much fun - on the other side my english isn't very good,so  I think it's important for me - and of course for my english - to write down some sentences once in a while. So - here we go ! On LBMs Saturday I met my lovely friend Mio ♥ We spent a nice day together with Mimi.   Finally I could wear my new costume. It's Koibuchi Koranosuke from Kuragehime (Princess Jellyfish) As I told you in this entry I wanted to modify the final dress and just put all my favourite parts from every design I could find of this dress together. This ist the result ! I hope you like it ♥ 

(pics from my instagram account)

(pics taken by Halbkind) 

I really like these pictures. Halbkind is a very talented young lady ♥ I was very lucky to meet her just after arriving at the fair. My makeup was still in good condition and my heel wasn't broken yet ... ha ha (yes the left one broke later that day) 

(left : taken by Sensu | right : taken by Milu)

Me together with Mio !  So many people wanted to take pictures of us even though I was cosplaying and she was wearing fairy kei. (strange mixture ?!) Well - lots of people don't know Kuragehime so everybody was asking who I was cosplaying. I hope due to my cosplay more people will start watching or reading Kuragehime. 

I kinda like this one ... 

... and at the end a picture Mio took of me. She made some funny gifs and posted some nice pictures in her last post. link

I hope you like the pictures ! I think I won't make a post of sunday because I neither wore a new costume nor did I get some nice pictures yet. It was nice and chilly day ~ but I was already very tired, my eyes and my feet hurt and I was happy the moment I could change into casual clothing.
Maybe I'm getting old ? ha ha  - but you don't have to wait long for an update. Some time ago I finished my Kotori Monou Cosplay and we already took some lovely pictures which are ready to be posted on here !