Sunday, April 15, 2012

Monou Kotori - X-1999

Good Evening Readers ! 

As I already told you before I finished my Monou Kotori Cosplay ! I'm really very satisfied with the result and enjoyed wearing this costume. It's truly unbelieveble that this one is my first real school uniform and first Clamp Cosplay ! Shame on Me ! Uniforms are always hard to sew so I was a bit afraid to start. But all in all it was much easier than I thought and I finished all within 1 and half day. The day of the shooting was very nice but sadly we had no reflector so we had some problems with the light. But I think we managed to take some nice pictures. I hope you like them 

(pics from my instagram account)

All pictures were taken by Milu with my camera.
Thank you 



  1. oh wie schön du bist! tolles cos *-*

  2. Ein sehr tolles cosplay *___*

    Kommst zufällig aus hannoer?
    hätte dich gerne vor meiner cam :D

  3. Ich liebe dich dafür Q_Q
    Du bist echt eine gute Kotori♥
    Und wirklich Respekt an deine Nähkünste. Auf den Bildern sieht alles sehr gut genäht aus.

    Das einzige was mir auffällt wäre, dass du evtl. eine andere Perücke mit mehr Locken, also mehr Volumen tragen könntest. Danach wäre es ultimativ!

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