Monday, July 2, 2012

I'm back with Concerts !

Hello dear Readers !
I'm so sorry I havn't updated my Blog for such a long time. I hope I'm able to change that soon. The last two months were pretty busy. They were full of exams, presentations and preparations for my exchange year which will start in 1 1/2 months. Crazy isn't it ? Time runs by so fast~ 
Now I try to give you a review about the last 3 months. During these months I went to two concerts which really mean a lot to me. So here we go : 

Florence + the Machine 
Markthalle Hamburg

She was so wonderful ! Just like a goddess. Her dress was amazing and her voice even better then on a record. She sang all my favorite songs and it was just so great to listen to all of them. My favourite one were : 

Rabbit Heart, Spectrum and No Light No Light


Limp Bizkit
Stadtpark Hamburg

Is there anything better than a real rockconcert ? Well, two weeks ago me, my brother and two of his friends went to Limp Bizkit ! At first I was kinda afraid because I never was in a moshpit before. But I'm a girl who lived ! Ha Ha ! Sometimes it really hurt, but it was so great ! I regret nothing ! All in all the concert was so so great ! We had so much fun jumping around and the Band did such a great job ! Their interaction  with the croud was outstanding. Fred Durst was so near and his singing was so cool. I'm still flashed. (btw. I really loved the location you could see the stage from everywhere and it was not so crouded) My favourite songs were :

Break Stuff, Nookie and Take A Look Around

拜拜 ♥

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