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普陀区 at Night

Today me and Mylynh got our hair done. I'll post tomorrow it. Tonight I show you some more views out of our flat. 

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Hello China - 7 days in Pictures

Good Evening Guys ! ♥
Well - last week I safely arrived in Shanghai. The last week was so busy we didn't even have time to  go sightseeing ! Shanghai is so huge that every thing you want to do just takes too much time. Our feet and our legs hurt everyday... Everyone is shocked when we tell them that we didn't go shopping or clubbing ... ;; but we really had more important stuff to do - like lookingfor a flat, moving in and so on. Here are some pictures of my first week in Shanghai. Now I'll start to blog more frequently about my daily life in amazing Shanghai ! ♥
22.08.2012 Hamburg - Airport

22/23.08 London - Shanghai Airport

We arrived in Shanghai at 8 o'clock am. We managed to stay awake the whole day ! We got some chinese cellphone numbers, our metro ticket and exchanged our money.


On that day we began our search for a flat. It's really hard to find a beautiful one for 4 persons. At the end of the day we were very desperate and sad. 


At the begin…


Hello Readers ! ♥
Today I want to come up with something interesting (or should I say embarassing (funny???)) Well, it's some kind of a Cosplay-History. I don't include every single costume I made because some of them are just too ... too ... bad haha !  It all started when I was 16 back in 2007. When I started this hobby I wasn't able to sew anything. I even was afraid of using the sewing machine ! (we still aren't friends yet haha) As you can see I never was a big friend of cosplaying men or boys. I think it's also very funny but for me cosplaying is much more fun when I'm also able to doll myself up. 

2007 : Amane Misa (Death Note) | Sabaku no Temari (Naruto) 
2008 : Allen Walker (D.Gray-Man) | Chrona (Soul Eater) | March (Eternal Sonata)
2009 : Honlon (Petshop of Horrors) | Shiki (The World Ends with You) |
           Peter Kirkland-Sealand (Hetalia) | Noki (Dogs) | Majoko (Zone-00)

In 2010 I had not much time and money for cosplay due to my A-levels and my journ…

Sheryl Nome [ ダイアモンド・クレバス ]

Good Evening Readers ! ♥
Another post for today ! At the beginning of july me and my friend finally made it to take proper pictures of my Sheryl Nome Costume. I always wanted to take pictures of this one in a tiny lake or river because I think it perfectly fits the picture of Sheryl being called 'Galactic Fairy'
The last picture is one of the most beautiful pictures I got of myself. ;;~ 
The song 'Diamond Crevasse' means a lot to me so this costume will always have a special place in my heart. I really hope you like the pictures ♥

If you don't know who Sheryl Nome is - please watch Macross Frontier !  She's a popular songstress giving the people hope~ 
She wears this dress while performing her song 'Diamond Crevasse'

At last years Connichi (germanys biggest Manga+Anime Convention) I was able to see May'n live on stage. May'n lends Sheryl Nome her singing voice. It was so so beautiful~ 

the pictures were all taken by : click
 I edited them a little bit~ 

Northsea 2.0 #3

Hello Readers ! ♥
... and the last post. On our last day we relaxed with some watermelon at the beach, ate some ice-cream and had fun with the sheeps at the dyke. 

- kinda reminds me of 'Spirited Away' 

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Northsea 2.0 #2

Hello Readers ! ♥
Today I want to post about our short trip to Bremerhaven.Well, it's not so far away from my hometown so I already went there quiet a few times - but never by ferry ! 
The day was very great. We went to the Zoo, shopping and ate a chinese restaurant. ♥ The Zoo - though it's very small is pretty common in germany because it's near the sea. It's called : Zoo am Meer (Zoo at the Sea)

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Northsea 2.0 #1

...and we did it again ! ♥ We travelled to Germanys Northsea cost. I just returned home and really loved being there.

After that we went to beach and enjoyed the nice weather. Than we decided to take a short walk on the  dyke (?) to the next village. The next village has got a small harbour where we bought some shrimps. There was also a clever seal who waited for the fisherboats to arrive. HaHa. At first we thought it was a dog but than it suddenly started to dive and we knew that I wasn't a dog~ 

Thats it for today !

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Bye Bye my lovely room ♥

Good Evening Readers ! ♥
Here are some last pictures of my room which I left today. I'm pretty sad because I know I won't find a similiar one once I'm back in Germany...  I really loved living here. 
Tomorrow (4th August) I'll go for a short vacation on Germanys Northseacost. I really can't wait being there, even though the weather broadcast suggests pretty bad weather ... D: 
I'll post about it when I'm back. But before that have some fun with the following pictures : 

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Princess Choo Choo Passport Case + Stickers

Good Evening Readers ! ♥
While watching the olympic games I thought about making an update about my most recent gets. ♥ It's  Princess Choochoo again ! I'm so in love with all the designs ! Maybe you remember this post  click My fellow students call me crazy for being so obsessed with this cat ... but awww~ I couldn't help myself but buying this passport case. I think it's so handy and pretty !

I think it will be a big help while changing planes in London and it will be more easy to take care of all my important stuff. In the case is included a little notebook.

Thats so cute ! Little cat sittin' on a plane and ridin' an elepant ... dawwww~ ~ ~ ♥ ♥ ♥

Next thing I bought is a beautiful little box which includes 14 sheets of stickers which all refer to Tokyo. I bought these because I want to decorate my diary with them while I'm in China. You might think : Why is she buying stickers from Tokyo when she goes to Shanghai instead ? There is a good reason for it ! 1st…