Saturday, August 4, 2012

Bye Bye my lovely room ♥

Good Evening Readers ! 

Here are some last pictures of my room which I left today. I'm pretty sad because I know I won't find a similiar one once I'm back in Germany...  I really loved living here. 

Tomorrow (4th August) I'll go for a short vacation on Germanys Northseacost. I really can't wait being there, even though the weather broadcast suggests pretty bad weather ... D: 

I'll post about it when I'm back. But before that have some fun with the following pictures : 

 拜拜 ♥ 


  1. you had such a pretty room. <3

    1. Thank You !
      Hoffentlich findest du auch sowas Schönes in Bremen <333

  2. what an amazing room, i could stay in a room this pretty for hours! i live in germany but my flat looks similar to this one! so i am sure you will find something when you return! for now i am in the US studying for the summer and i am living in a dormroom :( very unfun. i really think that the dormroom is so boring and uninspiring. i am only here for a short time so no time to decorate. it sounds funny but it is hard to feel your own individuality when you are in a room that looks like 300 other rooms on the same campus :( can i ask you, where were you staying and why are you returning to germany?

    xx rae
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    1. Thanks for your kind words ! I had to leave my room (or flat) because of my exchange year which will start in about 2 weeks. (I'll go to Shanghai * u * ~) I'll return to Bremen (thats where I study and lived) in August 2013~ Now I'm at my parents place~

      You have a very nice blog ! <3

  3. That's really a nice room that I always dream of! I dont mind spending my whole weekend by just staying in. It feels like sweet home =)