Thursday, August 9, 2012

Northsea 2.0 #1

...and we did it again ! 
We travelled to Germanys Northsea cost. I just returned home and really loved being there.

On Sunday we went to this beautiful windmill where some women sold their "selfmade" stuff.

The inside of the windmill.
We bought some tea and candies. 

The soap on the left smells like chocolate and peppermint. I bought the one on the left. I can't define it's flavour but it's veeeery good  
After that we went to beach and enjoyed the nice weather. Than we decided to take a short walk on the  dyke (?) to the next village. The next village has got a small harbour where we bought some shrimps. There was also a clever seal who waited for the fisherboats to arrive. HaHa. At first we thought it was a dog but than it suddenly started to dive and we knew that I wasn't a dog~ 

Thats it for today !

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拜拜 ♥ 

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