Northsea 2.0 #2

 Hello Readers ! 

Today I want to post about our short trip to Bremerhaven.Well, it's not so far away from my hometown so I already went there quiet a few times - but never by ferry ! 

The day was very great. We went to the Zoo, shopping and ate a chinese restaurant. 
The Zoo - though it's very small is pretty common in germany because it's near the sea. It's called : Zoo am Meer (Zoo at the Sea)

btw. these are the posts from last year : 1 click 2 click 3 click

拜拜 ♥


  1. wow!! so much fun!!
    hi i like your blog so much!!!
    if you don't mind check out my blog and follow me if you like
    i'll follow you

  2. oooh *______* seelöwen!! so süß!!!


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