Thursday, August 2, 2012

Princess Choo Choo Passport Case + Stickers

Good Evening Readers ! 

While watching the olympic games I thought about making an update about my most recent gets. ♥ It's  Princess Choochoo again ! I'm so in love with all the designs ! Maybe you remember this post  click My fellow students call me crazy for being so obsessed with this cat ... but awww~ I couldn't help myself but buying this passport case. I think it's so handy and pretty ! 

I think it will be a big help while changing planes in London and it will be more easy to take care of all my important stuff. In the case is included a little notebook.

Thats so cute ! Little cat sittin' on a plane and ridin' an elepant ... dawwww~ ~ ~ ♥ ♥ 

Next thing I bought is a beautiful little box which includes 14 sheets of stickers which all refer to Tokyo. I bought these because I want to decorate my diary with them while I'm in China. You might think : Why is she buying stickers from Tokyo when she goes to Shanghai instead ? There is a good reason for it ! 1st : I just love this Box and there was just Paris and London - I'ver never been to London and the last time I went to Paris was in 1997 so I think it seems legit buying the Tokyo Box. 2nd reason ist that there is a VERY small chance that I'm going to Tokyo at the beginning of October. I really hope I'll be able to manage to go there a 2nd time. The last time I went to Japan we just stayed 3days in Tokyo. 

I also bought these sets. I really love them and looking forward to decorate letters, postcards, notebooks and my diary with them 

拜拜 ♥

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