Friday, August 10, 2012

Sheryl Nome [ ダイアモンド・クレバス ]

Good Evening Readers ! 

Another post for today ! At the beginning of july me and my friend finally made it to take proper pictures of my Sheryl Nome Costume. I always wanted to take pictures of this one in a tiny lake or river because I think it perfectly fits the picture of Sheryl being called 'Galactic Fairy'

The last picture is one of the most beautiful pictures I got of myself. ;;~ 

The song 'Diamond Crevasse' means a lot to me so this costume will always have a special place in my heart. I really hope you like the pictures 

If you don't know who Sheryl Nome is - please watch Macross Frontier ! 
She's a popular songstress giving the people hope~ 

She wears this dress while performing her song 'Diamond Crevasse'

At last years Connichi (germanys biggest Manga+Anime Convention) I was able to see May'n live on stage. May'n lends Sheryl Nome her singing voice. It was so so beautiful~ 

the pictures were all taken by : click

 I edited them a little bit~ 

Sheryl Nome starring May'n - Diamond Crevasse

拜拜 ♥

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