Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hair Extensions and Clubbing

Hello Guys !

Right before I'll eat Meilings awesome vietnamese food I want to post about our adventure at a chinese hairdresser. Meiling and I were both so frustrated that we didn't find any time for ourselves in the last 1 and half week that we decided to take one day of. Meiling always dreamed about long lasting curls and I wanted to have long and beautiful hair. So we asked or chinese friend Ina to take us to a hairdresser she trusts. 

I've waited a pretty long time in my chair because my extensions had to be bleached first. Meanwhile Meiling got a shitload of crazy stuff in her hair haha. 

After one hour my extensions had the right colour and I got my hair washed. Two nice ladys started to braid the extensions in my hair. I think that took about 1 and half hour. I think they did a really good job. Right after finishing I got my hair washed for a 2nd time and they started to bleach my roots. Than the master cut my hair. All in all we spent nearly 4 hours in there. 

I spent 1400元 on my hair and Meiling 680元. (about 170€ and 100€)

Later that day we got invented to go clubbing. We ended up in that Club called No.88. These were our outfits. Amazing highquality pictures : 

We didn't went shopping till now - so no proper shoes or bags... 

The club was full of nice steampunk elements and they played some good well known music. 
Thats it for today ! 



  1. Deine Haare sehen toll aus! Ich will noch mehr Bilder davon sehen (:


  2. Total tolle Haare und generell.. hach, schön!